Author: Charlie Johns

Try This Cornbread Dressing Recipe This Thanksgiving

For the most part, a traditional Thanksgiving feast consists of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetable dishes, cranberry sauce, and of course, stuffing or dressing. Stuffing and dressing are essentially the same, except stuffing is cooked inside the turkey, and dressing is usually prepared in a casserole dish. Of all the Thanksgiving dishes, the dressing may…

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Looking for a Delicious Campfire Treat? Build a S’mores Charcuterie Board!

Once summer arrives, everyone loves to gather around the campfire for food, beverages, and conversation. And, many people enjoy that quintessential campfire treat – delicious, gooey s’mores! While we all know the traditional chocolate-marshmallow-graham cracker s’more, there are so many ways you can make this treat unique! If you’re hosting a get-together, why not put…

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