Remodeling at Charlie Johns

If you’re a regular Charlie Johns customer, we’re sure you’ve noticed that we have a substantial capital improvement project underway. We hope that you’ll excuse the inconvenience this might cause, and we’d like to explain to you what we’re doing to improve Charlie Johns and what that will mean to you, our valued customer.

Much work is being done throughout the store – both work you can see, and other projects that may not be as visible but will make a big difference in the way we do business. Our remodeling initiative will provide greener energy; increased product capacity and other renovations that will make Charlie Johns more comfortable and easier to navigate for consumers.

New Heating/Cooling System: We will install two new rooftop HVAC units, which will provide more consistent, and higher-efficiency heating and cooling to our store, allowing our customers to shop in increased comfort.

New Windows and Insulation: This will improve our overall energy efficiency – the money we save in utilities will help us keep our store prices down.

Replacement of Refrigeration/Freezer Cases: We’re replacing our produce, floral, dairy, meat, deli and frozen foods refrigerators and freezers and adding a new five-door single-serve beverage cooler in the front of the store. These are all run by a new compressor system, and will allow for greater capacity – this means more products will be available to you.

New Hot Food Equipment: We’re improving our hot foods section by adding a hot foods case, chicken rotisserie and fryer.

Additionally, we’re enclosing one of our porch areas, where we will move our bottle/can recycling center. The area will also be used for cart storage and other merchandise display, which will allow for better flow for our customers throughout the front area of Charlie Johns.

Because of this capital improvement project, our energy savings is expected to be 40 percent or better – which in the long run saves our customers money as well. Not to mention, we have increased our capability of much greater variety in all the departments mentioned above, so we’ll be able to offer you much more.

The project should be completed by mid-December, so again, we want to thank you for your patience as we renovate Charlie Johns.

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