Is Your Vehicle Snow-Ready?

woman scraping snow and ice off of windshield during the winterWinter is in full swing, and the snow, cold, and chilly temperatures have all returned. Unfortunately, most of us have to travel from time to time even when the weather outside is not the greatest, which is why it’s so important to make sure your vehicle is snow-ready. Aside from the usual tire changing and tune-up you rely on your mechanic to provide, you also will want to make sure you have items you need inside your car, truck, or SUV as well.

Before your next wintry road trip, you might want to assemble a few items that can help you in case you get stuck, have a breakdown, or find yourself in inclement weather and need to stop for a while. These items can be kept in your trunk in a weatherproof tote, so they’ll be at the ready in case of any sort of emergency. The best part? You can find most of these items easily at Charlie Johns!

Snow-Ready Safety Kit

Having these 10 items available in a winter emergency can help you enjoy better peace of mind when you’re out on the road this winter:

  1. Gloves, hats, and mittens: Some extra winter outerwear is a good idea even if you don’t find yourself in an emergency. As you know living in the Adirondacks, the weather can sometimes shift pretty quickly, and while it might have been comfortable without a hat or gloves when you left the house, you might need them an hour later!
  2. Blanket: It’s a good idea to keep a blanket in your car. If your car breaks down or the heater stops working, it can get cold inside your vehicle in a hurry. A blanket can help you stay warm!
  3. First aid kit: Nobody wants to think about a winter emergency, but having a first aid kit in your vehicle can be important. Not only is it good to have in the instance of an accident, but it can also really come in handy any time of year. 
  4. Ice scraper and snow brush: Keep on in your car for everyday use, and a spare in your safety kit in case it breaks. Snow and ice on your vehicle not only obstruct your view, but it can fly off and hit another vehicle.
  5. Shovel: Keep a small shovel in your trunk, as you never know if you will have to clear a path in the snow or use it to help get your car unstuck. There are collapsible varieties available that are easy to store in your vehicle, too.
  6. Salt, sand, or cat litter: The coarseness of these materials can help you get out of a slippery situation. If you get stuck in the snow, spreading some salt, sand, or litter near your tires and in your vehicle’s path can help you get back on the road.
  7. Flashlight: During the winter months, it gets dark early. If you find yourself stranded, having a good flashlight (with fresh batteries!) can help you survey the space around you more easily, and can make you visible to other drivers.
  8. Cell phone charger: Nothing is worse than being in an emergency situation and being unable to communicate. A cell phone charger can make the difference when it comes to calling for help.
  9. Water and snacks: Bottled water and non-perishable snacks like granola bars and packs of nuts are important to keep in your kit. If you get stranded, you may have to wait a while for roadside assistance, and you’ll be glad you have some hydration and nutrition while you wait!
  10. Flares or reflectors: If you’ve gone off the road during a snowstorm, it might be difficult to see your vehicle. If you have emergency reflectors or flares you’ll be more visible to emergency vehicles and other motorists.

Charlie Johns can help you get what you need for a winter safety kit for your vehicle.

At Charlie Johns, we’ll help you get the items you need to create a winter emergency safety kit for your vehicle. Whether it’s an ice scraper from our True Value department, or granola bars and water from our grocery, you’ll find what you need to be safe on the winter roads. Stop in today and we’ll be happy to help.

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