Get the Camping Goods You Need at Charlie Johns!

Planning on taking a camping trip in the Adirondacks this spring or summer? Then you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need for a great trip. Of course, it’s easy enough to forget a thing or two while you’re preparing for your camping excursion. If you’re planning your Adirondack camping adventure near Speculator, you should know that Charlie Johns carries all the camping supplies you’ll need in order to enjoy a wonderful experience in the great outdoors.

At Charlie Johns, we know how beautiful sleeping out under the stars as they shine above the Adirondack mountains is – that’s why we live here. And because we want to make your camping trip the best possible, we’re pleased to provide for every need you might have. We’re not just a grocery store and not just a supply store. We’re a true general store, and work hard to meet your every need.

Make Charlie Johns your last stop before you head into the Adirondack woods.

We have all the necessities you need to make your camping trip one of the best ever. That’s because we carry virtually anything you might need for a successful adventure. Learn more about the great products we carry for our Adirondack camping customers:

Grocery Goods: Don’t worry about packing food when you come camp with us. Our Big M store can provide you with everything you need for mealtime. We offer a wide selection of meats and cheeses, beverages, deli items, bakery goods and more. We have ice for your coolers and great items like nuts, trail mix and granola bars for when you head out on a hike.

Camping Necessities: Charlie Johns offers all the camping necessities you’d ever need for an enjoyable trip. And, you won’t have to worry if you forgot one of the essentials. We carry sleeping bags, air mattresses, Coleman stoves, lanterns, coolers, hibachis – we can even help you out if you forgot the tent!

Fishing Supplies: Your Adirondack campout wouldn’t be complete without fishing! At Charlie Johns, we have everything you need for fishing, from poles and line to tackle and bait, as well as buckets and fish cleaning supplies.

Protective Items: Even though the Adirondacks are beautiful, they can also be buggy! You’ll want to make sure you have insect repellant on hand, for sure. Protect yourself from the summer rays with sunscreen products, and stay dry with outerwear and rain ponchos. And don’t get lost – make sure to pick up your trail and site maps at Charlie Johns, too.

Make sure to stop into Charlie Johns for all your camping provisions. We think you’ll find just what you’re looking for, and then some!



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