Finishing Up Your Adirondack Getaway? Leave Without a Trace!

The beauty of the Speculator area and the Adirondack Mountains is an attraction that brings in folks from all over the country and beyond. From the blue waterways to the green hills to the chance to see all kinds of flora and fauna, there is nature here in abundance — but visitors should take special care to make sure they leave that natural beauty undisturbed for future guests to enjoy.

Whether you picnic, hike, swim, boat, sight see, or simply come out to sit by the water, all guests are asked to observe the “Leave No Trace” principles created in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. “Leave No Trace” is just what the name implies; a system that will allow you to visit the natural splendor of the Adirondacks while leaving it intact for future generations to share as well.

Those principals ask guests to make sure they are properly prepared for their visit and any possible emergency that might come up in the remote areas. Tell someone where you will be and when before you leave and stick to the plan. Nothing disturbs the wild like a search party out hunting for you.

Travel in small groups on stable surfaces to minimize your physical impact on the surroundings. Walk along the middle of the trails, keeping off any vegetation, and camp in designated areas whenever possible. If there isn’t a camp area where you are, make sure to keep at least 150 feet away from any water, trail, or road.

Leave all natural objects like plants and rocks where you found them, and don’t build structures or leave furniture where you camp. Make sure whatever you take in comes back out with you, and don’t leave trash — even toilet paper or leftover food — out in the woods. Use existing restroom facilities if possible, and if not, dig a 6- to 8-inch deep hole at least 150 feet away from any water source to use for a privy. Also, stay at least 150 feet away from water when washing yourself or any dishes or equipment, and use biodegradable soap.

Portable stoves are recommended over the use of campfire in the wild to lessen the impact of the fire on nature around it. If fires are permitted where you are, use existing campfire sites if possible and collect only fallen wood to use as fuel. Burn the fire completely to ash, put it out completely, and then make sure to hide all traces that a campfire was ever there before you leave.

Wildlife in the woods can be exciting to encounter, but don’t bother them. Respect them and observe their activities from a distance. Avoid them during any sensitive times of the year, like while they are mating or nesting.

There is nothing quite like the beauty of the Adirondacks, and we think most people will agree that beauty is worth preserving. And while you are in Speculator, visit Charlie Johns Store for all of the essentials you need for an enjoyable trip into the woods of the Adirondacks. They are located at 111 Elm Lake Road at the four corners in Speculator. For directions or any other info, call them at (518) 548-7451.

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