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Deliciously Different Wild Turkey

If you have a hunter in the family – or you’re a hunter yourself – you might have a wild turkey on hand for this year’s Thanksgiving feast. But before you get your wild turkey ready for the oven, there are a few things you’ll want to […]

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Red Bird of Winter – The Northern Cardinal

There may be no lovelier sight in the winter that a dashing red Northern cardinal perched on a snowy evergreen bough. Quintessential of life in the Adirondacks, the Northern cardinal has long been admired for its bright plumage and distinctive, cheery chirp. If you’re looking for cardinals […]

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Frost & Snow: The Science Behind the Beauty

Even though winter here in the Adirondacks means chilly temperatures and sometimes unpleasant weather conditions, there are some parts of the hats-and-mittens season that makes it all worth it. There is a certain beauty to winter that only the frozen landscape can provide, and nothing is quite […]

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Try These Two Fall Favorite Flavors this Thanksgiving

  Apple cider is almost synonymous with the fall season, and turkey is almost synonymous with Thanksgiving. You might be surprised, though, that bringing these two great flavors together for your Thanksgiving dinner can provide a fresh twist to your holiday dinner and make your guests rave […]

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You’ll Be the Apple of Their Eye with This Surprising Pie

With autumn well underway here in the Adirondacks, there is no doubt you have already been inundated with all the flavors of the season, such as apple and pumpkin spice. You may even have an abundance of apples from your own trees, but aren’t sure what you […]

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Fall is Apple Season – Make Some Adirondack Apple Jelly!

One of the tastiest offerings of the fall is the delicious variety of apples that abound during this season. From Macintosh to Honey Crisp, there are so many different types of apples readily available in New York State. While they’re a tasty treat in and of themselves, […]

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Get Your Kids off to a Healthy Start with Nutritious Lunches From Charlie Johns

According to the American Heart Association, in America today about one in three children and teenagers is either overweight or obese – a figure that has tripled since 1963. This rise in weight problems has led to numerous new concerns for kids, including high blood pressure, high […]

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In the Adirondacks, Our Lake Monster is a Champ!

Nestled between the Adirondack Mountains of New York and the Green Mountains of Vermont is Lake Champlain, a large lake that runs 120 miles north to south and features nearly 600 miles of beautiful shoreline. Lake Champlain is a natural, freshwater lake named for the French explorer, […]

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Baltimore Orioles Brighten Up the Adirondacks

If you’ve ever seen the bright flash of a Baltimore Oriole as it flits its way around the forest edge, then you know there isn’t anything quite as lovely as the stark contrast of this brilliant orange bird against the deep green deciduous tree line. The song […]

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Try Something New with Your Zucchini This Summer

August is the time to enjoy the bounty of the gardens we planted back in the spring, and if one crop is the most bountiful, it always seems to be the zucchini! You can make so many things with zucchini, from baked goods like breads and cookies […]

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